For a successful project, it is necessary to make a feasibility study of the market, supply and demand, new trends and many other factors. As we are long-time specialists in real estate, construction, furnishings and rents, we can help you in this enterprise. We can give you an adequate assessment, as well as prepare a business plan that will bring you the desired result in the shortest possible time.

The list of services, which include pre-projected and project management is long and these are some of them:

  • Consultations and consultation on the possibilities for real estate investment
  • Assessing the opportunities and risks of the real estate market and construction
  • Offering and exploration of building plots
  • Complete preparation of a business plan for the purchase of a plot, design of a building, furniture, interior design, landscaping, renting, etc.
  • Design tasks for all specialties
  • Project management
  • Technical and author supervision
  • Control of construction works and finishing works
  • Organization and control of interior design and furniture
  • Others