Insulations: Waterproofing and Insulation


Waterproofing a home has a basic and protective function to prevent unwanted moisture and water. We put waterproofing on:

  • Flat and sloping roofs
  • Inhabitable terraces
  • Building foundations
  • Swimming pools

When building or renovating the house we observe all standards, the type and quality of the materials, as well as all details related to the technology.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation of a home is of utmost importance in view of the low cost of electricity, heat and home comfort. In design, the heat insulation should be well treated with waterproofing to avoid dewaxing, condensation and humidification. We work with different materials according to the project or at customer's request such as: different types of wool, polystyrene (polystyrene or fiberboard), polyurethane, cork, wood, foam polyethylene thermal insulation, aerated concrete, thermo-theta, thermal ceramic coatings.

Painting services, color choice, toning.

We offer professional home dyeing. Our company has catalogs of a wide range of colors. We can offer you a professional campaign in choosing the colors for your home, tailored to your personal preferences, fashion trends, or Feng shui art. In our showroom and office in 5 “Primorska” Street in the town of Balchik, we have encyclopedias of colors and fabrics from which you can also make your own color project of the interior space. We work with various brands of paints, according to the customer`s requirements.